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12” Plush Nevernod
And Book “Sleepless Katy and the Nevernod”

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Connections to Kids


Nestor Nevernod® has won the hearts of many children. When children find bedtime scary, the Nevernod® seems to comfort them when other things have failed.


The story and Nevernod® has also been a comfort to children in the hospital or going through difficult medical treatments. The Nevernod® has helped children that have suffered emotional traumas.


Sleepless Katy and the Nevernod® is helpful for children moving to new homes.




From a Mother
"I had to share this with you, it really touched my heart. I don’t know if you remember this but about 6 or 7 years ago you gave Haley a Nevernod. To this day she still sleeps with “him” and remembers the story like it was yesterday. Well, tonight she told me that “he brings me good dreams every night but he has to sleep next to you in order for it to happen, “it’s true, he really brings me good dreams”. As I was tucking her in bed, she asked me if I wanted to bring him to bed with me so I will have good dreams tonight……."

From a Grandmother
"My granddaughter loves her Nevernod. The first night she got it, her brother was babysitting and she kept crying and he finally realized that was what she wanted. My daughter says she really talks to him in the morning and tells him he has to go to sleep and it is pretty funny. She also loves the book."

A touching testimonial from a grandmother who gave a Nevernod to her 7 year old granddaughter. Her granddaughter had been abused in her younger years. She was going through counseling and was not able to sleep. After hearing the Nevernod story she was able to sleep through the night. Because the story involves a magical penny, her granddaughter would leave a penny on her nightstand. Her mother would have to take the penny during the night, which meant a Nevernod had found its way to a special child. She introduced the Nevernod to her counselor and wanted to get her new baby sister her own Nevernod so she would always have someone watching over her.


If bedtime is a stressful time for your child, the Nevernod® may provide just the relief.