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12” Plush Nevernod
And Book “Sleepless Katy and the Nevernod”

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About Us


The story of Sleepless Katy and the Nevernod® is based on a real little girl who had trouble sleeping through the night. The story and Nevernod® were created to be her special bedtime companion. The Nevernod® never sleeps and never nods off and watches over her as she sleeps.


The book tells the charming story of how the Nevernod® finds its way to Katy. The book introduces the Nevernods, the Nodaways, Katy and her family. While the Nodaways are always falling asleep, the Nevernods are busy finishing their tasks. Katy's father makes a special wish with a penny for something to help Katy sleep. Nestor Nevernod makes a special wish to help someone in a faraway land and finds the special penny. A magical moment finds the Nevernod® in Katy's bed resulting in many happy restful nights.


Product Includes:


Nester Nevernod®, a bedtime helper, who never sleeps, but has the magical ability to help others feel safe and sleep.




"Sleepless Katy and the Nevernod", a 12 page illustrated book, tells the story of a typical child who is frightened by the dark, imaginary monsters and nighttime noise, cannot sleep. Katy's story has a charming twist when a magical penny finds its way to the special Nevernod®, who comes to watch over Katy and help her feel safe.